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This study recommends that hotel managers should pay extra attention to the quality of room service delivered to their guests. Recommendation for further study. This work and production management industry customer satisfaction in hospitality industry using attributes. In this column, the fund is accounted for special education taxes remaining fwaivers provide information they develop the chart of accounts property development company for.

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However with this downsizing, the customer satisfaction also decreasedand this is something which hotel industry cannot face. Published by Future Academy www. With the world dwindling into theglobalization the intensity of competition has augmented to an outlying mark. The study a single overall measure tourist satisfaction.

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Customers pay attention to whether a business uses good vendors and also how they coordinate numerous vendors.


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Since mobile transactions are conducted through a wireless network that may or may not be secured in the eyes of the consumers. This question were employed. In most cases, social media has a positive impact on the hospitality industry.

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Findings Based on the above research, it can be determined that social media has a positive impact on the hospitality industry. The online travel agencies are also aggressively pursuing additional income sources from travel packages, bus ticketing, car rental services and table reservations. Customer loyalty in the hotel industry: the role of customer satisfaction and image.

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When their satisfaction exceeds their expectations, each company has more chances of success and profitability and therefore sustainability and gaining a larger market share.


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Therefore, the age group influences the type of stay, in a lesser extent the destination is inconclusive in the case of the number of stars of the unit.


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If you are traveling for business, you may have a different perspective on the services provided by a hotel over a couple experiencing the same venue on their honeymoon..


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The study will also add to knowledge and understanding of the management of hotels about the benefits and limitations of service delivery in Ghana..


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There is a significant difference in the means of importance of service quality between customers of occupation groups..

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Also, if a company provides poor services, it could be shown how businesses recover from a service failure, maintain previous customers, and attract new customers..


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It will also help to improve their business operations and investment focus, which in turn will lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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The motivation behind why faithful customers are so critical is on the grounds that it costs more than three times as much to draw in new customers than to hold existing ones.

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Innovation drives this category. Results can be classified by neighborhoods, distance, features, and category. Tide, Biz, Cheer, Gain.


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