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The feedback is also shared with the concerned individual. The value of each question can differ based on its importance. Use graphic performance example form to keep work with examples and conditions for each! The effects of instructions and item content on three types of ratings.

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By forcing raters to specify their best and worst performers, employment decisions such as pay raises and promotions become much easier to make.

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Working individually or in groups, develops a graphic rating scale for the following jobs: secretary, professor, directory assistance operator.


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Choosing the ideal rating methods for your employee evaluations depends on the number of people you have in each role your rating, the size of your organization and the benefit you receive from investing in your evaluation tools.

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Graphic Rating Scale is a type of performance appraisal method. Are appraisal systems that represent a combination of the graphic rating scale aims assign. Did you find mistakes in interface or texts?

Again, each element of the recall component is weighted with regard to the magnitude of its effect on the rating, such that the sum of squared weights equals unity.



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