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The information can be printed out and given to a third party but drivers can also create a licence check code that will enable the third party to view some of the information online.

DVLA for a provisional driving licence, successfully pass the theory and full driving test, and are bound by all the Provisional Driver requirements until you pass your test again. The answer is a bit vague.

Our research points to one of two likely scenarios: either motorists are simply forgetting to inform the relevant authorities when they receive points, or they are intentionally not telling them in order to keep their insurance premium lower.

Many of these offences can occur on motorways, especially where there are high levels of policing and lots of vehicles.

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Cars in the higher groups typically cost more to insure because they are likely to cost insurers more in claims. NI licence can be withdrawn because of a disability.

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While we use our best endeavours to be comprehensive and up to date with product info, prices and terms may change after we publish, so always check details with the provider. Only need plastic plates?

High risk drivers who accumulate penalty points are instantly reported to your attention before they become a serious threat to your business.

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