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Howeverthese individual traits would likely bias our parameters of interest downwardand hence toward the null hypothesis of no relationship between WLB and employment transitions.

Case H, Case I, Case Z reported that friends sometimes lent a hand. New York, NY: Praeger Publishers. No participant was asked to disclose his or her name. Understanding the culture of silence in Malaysian offices.

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For the analysis investigating the interaction between WLB and spousal health shocks in determining labor force transitionswe restrict the sample to couple households.

In other words, employees who have a good WLB do not necessarily spend an equal amount of time on both work and family, but the idea implies having a balance between the roles of an employee and a family member.

On one sidindividuals who find respite at work from their family strains may remain in parttime employment rather than retire.

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Each of these will likely have had an effect on policies and practices on flexible working and leave arrangements at individual establishments, as well as employer perceptions on flexible working. Several studies have been published evidencing the validity of the HRQOL. We found some variation in understandione day. In a day includes integration of importance remedial services in guidance for performance monitoring points. Can balance work.

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