How to Get Hired in the Cis Tax Geared Penalty Industry

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HMRC come to decisions about penalties as it is all setout in detailed guidancebut this may not always be explained sufficiently clearly so any problem may be down to poor communication rather than poor decisions. Do not fold the payslip or cheque or fasten them together. There is no cost for an initial consultation, and no obligation.

DT wrote to HMRC asking for the penalty to be suspended on the basis that he would appoint a qualified adviser to complete his tax return for the next two years in order to avoid anyfurther errors in thefuture. Hmrc charge you news without incurring a tax geared penalty. ICAEW Audit Reg No.

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Should you choose to download any of the information appearing on this website for whatever use, you must retain all copyright and any other proprietary information contained herein, whether downloaded or not. All contractors and subcontractors will register for CIS. It Could Affect You!

HMRC are still considering methods to increase the understanding of these penalties to gain consistency in their application and carry out regular assurance activity to assess the accuracy of the penalties issued. Details of our audit registration can be viewed at www. However, relief had already been given through the PAYE system. Late returns can be subject to a mix of fixed and tax geared penalties.

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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Cis Tax Geared Penalty

These registrations compound the problem of the automated penalties which are issued to people who should not be on the register.


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The previous penalty was reduced to nil if there was no tax due. The FTT set aside all the penalties and allowed the appeal. It seems that the range and level of HMRC penalties increases every year. How can we help you?

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