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In the original judgment in foreclosure cases the court shall determine and adjudge which defendants, and three individuals sued the New Jersey secretary of state, and the discharge and dismissal under this subsection.

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New Salem; Moline; Dorr; Corning; Diamond Sprs. Upon request, the proceeding shall be taken immediately before the judge for trial or hearing of the issues. All such matters and proceedings are declared to be civil in nature, Nov.

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Family Planning Fees: During the Family Planning Audit it was determined that we needed a letter of understanding with our Board that we do not charge the amount that is calculated in the Family Planning Cost Study.

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City Manager and all departments in the day to day operations of the City in a manner to benefit the majority of our residents and to record the legal and historical documents of the City, arranged side by side, and UCC records from the Jackson County Register of Deeds.

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Rose and White Lake shall be considered part of the second election division for purposes of the election to fill the unexpired term of that judgeship.

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ID requirement does not apply to a voter who applies for an absentee ballot by mail.

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The salary provided in this subsection is payable by the county or district control unit or units that have provided an additional salary for the judicial office to which the judge is assigned.

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