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C Array ZenTut. You realize the obligation terminates alimony is a person. The above declaration tells the compiler that there is an array variable 'myarray' of type int which will be storing the integer type values in it. Declare an array of any type in a similar fashion int b This declaration doesn't create an array it simply indicates the need for variable b In Java an. For integer numbers there are four types with different sizes and hence value. How to create a String or Integer Array in Java Example.

Is array a derived data type?

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  • In this line we create an array from a range of numbers.
  • To declare an array you can use the square brackets syntax Type.

What is the default value of array It depends upon the storage location if you declared any type of array without initializing anything asglobal or static then it has value zero If you declare it as local inside any function ie autowithout initializing then it has garbage values.

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